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Good morning Ms. Turner,

My name is Skip Cummins and Dawn McKim, one of your agents recently sold our house in Lakeway.  Dawn is hands down the best real estate agent I've ever known or dealt with.  Allow me to explain.

I met Dawn in June 2014 when our previous house was under contract and my wife, son and I were desperate to find another place to live in less than a month.  Our then existing agent who will remain nameless refused to show us any properties with a list price under $1 million and literally scoffed at us when I asked her to show us lease properties.

After terminating our relationship with that agent, I came across Dawn who was then the listing agent on one of the lease properties I was interested in.  She asked me what I was looking for and after I explained our urgent situation, she found and showed us lease properties and houses for sale that met our criteria with an urgency as if she had no other clients.  After finding a lease house which would have been perfect for us, Dawn alerted me to a house in Flintrock that was coming on the market the next day.  We saw the house the next morning (one of the eight showings), made an offer (one of the five offers) and after a bidding war ended up closing on the house ten 10 days after first seeing it, just in time to move out of our previous house before its closing.  

After our son transferred to a high school in Fort Worth, of course I turned to Dawn to sell the same house she helped us buy less than two years earlier.  She did a fantastic job providing us comps so the house could be priced appropriately, advising us on improvements, preparing marketing literature, and marketing and showing the property.  She then sold the property by having the patience of Job dealing with one of the most challenging (for once I'm being politically correct) Buyer's agents either of us had ever encountered.  Had Dawn not been our agent, I firmly belive we wouldn't have sold when we did for as high a price.

To say that I am a rather experienced and demanding real estate buyer and seller is an understatement.  I have bought, sold and on ocassion leased houses in Connecticut, New York, Vail (2), Maui, Houston (four), Seattle, Lakeway (two) and now Fort Worth.  The houses I've bought and sold range in price up to $3.5 million. I prepare spreadsheets outlining the similarities and differences in the houses I buy and sell vs comps that make most agents' heads spin.  Not Dawn's.  Because she is every bit as thorough and diligent as I am.

So here's my assessment of Dawn.  She is hands down the absolute best real estate agent I've ever dealt with in terms of the following:

  • integrity (she doesn't chase commissions, she earnestly works on her client's as opposed to her needs)
  • character (she means what she says and does and vice versa)
  • work ethic (does she ever sleep?)
  • market knowledge (she knows the market and immediately provides her clients with the information to enable fully informed decisions, most importantly on pricing)
  • respect for her client's needs/wants which she always puts ahead of her needs (she delivers whatever you need/want. No deal is too small including lease properties--it's all about you, not her, in her mind)
  • personality ( she is a pleasure to be around and do business with) 
  • telling it like it is (she doesn't tell you what she thinks you want to hear, she tells it like it is which is at times exactly the opposite of what you want to hear, but what you definitely need to hear to accomplish your goal of buying or selling)
  • working with other agents (she effectively works with agents on the other side very effectively to accomplish her client's goals)

In summary, I have worked with some of the best agents in Houston, Maui, Vail etc on high end luxury properties.  None of those were as good at what they do as Dawn McKim.

Feel free to use any or all of this email in your marketing literature, public advertising, etc


Skip Cummins